Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Speed Dating the movie. Women

John Blas(NCS Creative), a long time friend and a very creative Ad guy , called me up a while back to tell me there was someone he thought I should meet. John thought that I'd be a perfect match, both creatively and personally, with La Monde the Producer. If you are a fan of Mad Men on AMC then you will recognize La Monde Byrd. In addition to being a talented actor, La Monde is also a Producer. La Monde and his producing partner, Mekita Faiye, had just finished shooting a project titled Speed Dating. John, La Monde, Mekita, and myself got together and talked about what direction to take the campaign.

We met at my Hollywood office (Starbucks) and I spent some time getting to know La Monde and Mekita (pronounced like the power tool). I sat there and drank my little cappuccino while the three of them came up with some amazing and creative ideas that we would later capture in the studio. I had a hard time keeping up with them but I do vaguely remember (caffeine buzz) learning one great Hollywood insider secret. If you say an idea at least three times, you can rightfully claim it, and the shower of praise it brings you, as your own (Thanks to LMB)!

Scott Shepard Photography of a blidfolded women

Medita faiye in a dress with a drink

The concept was simple and elegant. We shot everyone in the same format and the same anonymous crop. The lighting was a large beauty dish with two gridded strobes for edge. There were a couple of bare heads on the white seamless and a reflector or two here and there with some flags and 4x4s to boot. Aside from the power outage in the building that shut us down for a few minuets, the day went great. It was a very long day to be sure. We had a huge talent list and just as large of a shot list.

Man in a black suit by Scott Shepard Photography

The job was a great success. We captured a ton of awesome images that were singularly unique and yet able to remain true to the campaign's intent. A job like this takes a huge talent pool. While having vision and leadership, is a plus, an assignment like this could not be completed without the help of the entire crew. From makeup and styling to the actors and models all the way down to the building security (who held the answer to the power problem). Oh and before I forget, big thanks to my beautiful producer for getting us bags and bags of killer soft tacos. La Monde, Curtis and myself devoured them like it was our last meal.

Women with big breasts for Speed Dating movie by Scott Shepard Photography

old man for movie poster by Scott Shepard Photography

Speed dating movie poster by Scott Shepard Photography

Speed Dating movie poster by Scott Shepard Photography

Like an old reliable Swiss watch, John has done it again with his impeccable sense of design and balance. They are simple in concept yet laser sharp in execution.

It has been a pleasure to get to know La Monde. It turns out he smokes the occasional cigar and has a sip of scotch every now and then. John was right, we are a perfect match.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

What's new around here.

It has been a while since any new posts around here. I would love for you to believe that I haven't posted lately because of the last post. You see, it was written by a guest blogger named Randy Fullmer. I really like the way he wrote his post and I REALLY didn't want to have to follow with one of my own.

Blogging is painful for me. I would rather be creating images or surfing or playing with my kids. There is just no easy way to create a blog that continually shows content that is relevant and interesting(unless Randy is writing it). Oh well, time to get to it! We have been pretty busy here the last couple of months with a great assortment of projects. I photographed more Directors of Photography for Clairmont Camera, shot some DPs in Canada, shot a great print campaign for the film Speed Dating, and have started a super secret fine art project involving veterans of the Iraq War(more on that later). So please check back often, subscribe to the RSS feed or add me to your Google Reader and watch for the new posts coming shortly.

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